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Amanda Follett Hosgood is a part-time writer and full-time mom who seeks her creative outlet here between potty-training sessions and trips to Bugwood to satisfy a toddler cookie craving, as well as during those rare occasions when all’s quiet in the house.


Originally from Toronto, Canada, she’s spent half her life living in small mountain towns, 10 years ago landing in northern British Columbia. In 2011, Amanda met a handsome European who was selling vegetables at the local farmers market. He, like her, had a dream of building a timber-frame, straw-bale house and it wasn’t long before the pair was planning their home, their wedding and their family. This blog began as a means of sharing what they were learning about alternative building methods, but has evolved into ruminations about an unconventional life lived between straw-bale walls. It involves a lot of love, good food and laughter. Thanks for joining us.


To learn more about Amanda’s writing and editing work, visit www.amandafollett.com. Contact her here

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